Thursday, October 6, 2011

7adatha fil s3odiyah ..

So I went for Umra on the 22nd of Sep with my bro, mum, sis, bro in law, and baby niece. It was nothing like anything before lol well first of all we got to Jedda by aroud 8 pm then headed to Makkah by like 12 am, we parked the car shway b3eed o I had to walk around the CLEAN streets with just a pair of socks. It was such a disgusting journey right untill we reached el 7aram *bliss* 

el7mdellah the place wasn't so crowded, we got to perform Umra smoothly without any hassle. El mohem as soon as we left 3aget my socks fil share3 lol kint 9dg m7tajah a pedicure in that moment :p

Anyways next day kan the Saudi National Day, and I gotta tell you! Shft el 3ajab XD

Never knew inh el s3oodyeen t7areraw lhadarajah lol they had their cars painted, the faces painted, 7ta their clothes painted lols

They were dancing in the cars, on the streets and everywhere, and I'm pretty sure some of them didn't even know what they were dancing for *LMFAO*

Kanat mana'6er mesh 6abe3eyah lol bas honestly their maseera was more fun than the ones we have hnee fi Dubai, well for once makan shay hal rash el m3afen o el5yas elle fikl mkan.

Akthar shay makes me scared in Saudi, is how people drive!!!!!!!!! ya jma3ah bas aba a3arf eshare3 elle feh 3 lanes kaif y5alonah 6 lanes hahahaha.

La o a7la shay yom t7a9el wa7ed yba y6la3 mn lafah, yda5el ne9 sayartah fil share3 o ytrayah yf'6a hahaha trak 6la3t kamel XD

o esharat el moror hay moooooool ma7ad ysawel'ha salfah. El7mdellah allah setar 3alena o n7n hnak :p

Bas seriously we had fun *grins*


  1. "Sha3b malah 7al"?! I'm offended by the way you generalize!

  2. That was certainly not my intention. Apologies xx