Thursday, September 30, 2010

pic of the day xD

oh dear God,

I'm sorry this might be offensive, and normally not the type of pics I would normally post, but this one cracked the hell out of me *ROFL*


Sorry people xD

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

pic of the day xD

Check this out xD

I guess the same msg goes to Fernando and Roberto xD

Monday, September 20, 2010

flirting in the future: check this out xD

I love technology xD

Sunday, September 19, 2010

the shadow knows , Lego creative ads

I'm a huge fan of creative ads <3

have a look at these:

Did you notice that the background colors were chosen to signify the sea (blue) or land (green)? Or that the airplane is hovering while the other three blocks are set firmly on the ground? Advertising doesn’t get as simple (or as meaningful) as this.

Pics taken from: this blog rules

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Random Thoughts

Originally posted on June 30th, 2010 at 10:02 am

Well, if you’ve been following my blog, u will notice that I have been posting MANY random thoughts! I just love them, they free my mind, they keep me thinking loud, they’re funny, and they’re totally irrelevant lol *giggles*

anyhow here are my latest random babbling:

  • I am soooooooooooooooooo grateful that mobile phones have a mute button
    • The other day I was thinking, is there a date ma7ad mawlooooood feeh?? or are all dates taken??
      • I don’t like to apply lipglosses, they’re so messy and sticky and if your hair gets on ur face then forget it lol they’re very tempting though
      • Haldebash elle y3beron el share3 without even checking yeqherooooni ufff if you want to die go ahead bas mesh 3ala 7sabi
        • I love my sisters, I really really REALLY do, but I hate to share my clothes with them lol. This is an ongoing, never ending battle
          • Fact: ana wayed anaqe3
            • I think that Valet Parking service is very convenient, but every time I give them my car I keep having a feeling that they will shut the door on my feets haha seriously kila a5af y9ekon el bab 3ala ryooli
             e7m bye :p

            Random Random Random !

            Originally posted on May 24th, 2010 at 10:55 am

            another random post *wink*

            • Sometimes I wish I can nap, I mean I can bas if I did I will regret this for the rest of the day, or worse next day! Every time I nap I wake up with a terrible headache, nausea, shitty mood and feel like killing myself for letting myself nap
              • If u want me to puke, show my hair strands lying around in a wet toilet! I hate to see them laying anywhere even if they were my own *ugh* so dear hair stick to my scalp please
                • The other day I wanted to say “zawaj mesyar” and I accidentally said “zawaj mesmar” hahaha
                  • I really hate it when someone dreams about me, I always consider it a bad luck madre laish
                    • I was a big fan of horror movies, now they freak the hell out of me, and there is no way on earth I am watching a horror movie ever again

                    Layers, because i’m bored :p

                    Originally posted on May 17th, 2010 at 11:22 am

                    LAYER 1: ON THE OUTSIDE

                    Name: Nouf

                    Birth Date: December 31st

                    Current Location: Dubai, UAE

                    Hair Color: Dark brown

                    Righty/Lefty: Righty 

                    LAYER 2: ON THE INSIDE. 

                    Your fear: snakes, spiders, death, Ghosts, loosing someone I love, psychos, becoming fat

                    Your dream of the perfect date: on a private yacht in Maldives,  alone with my guy *u don’t need to know more LOL*

                    Goals you’d like to achieve: Apply for my masters degree, start my own business, become an A+ rated equestrian, speak French & Spanish fluently, travel to places I’ve never been before, fall madly in love

                    LAYER 3: YESTERDAY, TODAY, TOMORROW.

                    Your thoughts first waking up: I still feel sleepy, I don’t want to go to work, WHY DO I HAVE TO WORK lol

                    Your best physical feature: Hips *wink*

                    Your bed time: I don’t have an exact time, but I tend to hit the sack early :p

                    Your most missed memory: I miss my grandpa ALOT *may he rest in peace*, I miss my childhood, my teenage adventures with my sister, and I miss my highschool friends

                    LAYER 4: YOUR PICK.

                    Pepsi or Coke: Coke with lots and lots and lots of ice, but I did quit like 2 years ago and I’m living a happy coke-less life :p

                    McDonald’s or Burger King:  both but I am trying to cut back

                    Single or Group Dates: akeeeeeeeeeeed single

                    Adidas or Nike: I love both honestly, but Adidas a bit more

                    Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate yum

                    Cappuccino or Coffee: lol what a question Cappuccino is  coffee XD

                    LAYER 5: DO YOU.

                    Smoke: Nah, although deep deep deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep inside I want to try once but I WON’T

                    Cuss: always lol

                    Take showers: duhhh of course more than once a day ba3ad

                    Have a crush: yes *aaaaah*

                    Like(d) school: not much but I loved grade 12 it was the best

                    Believe in yourself: most of the time

                    Believe what goes around comes around: always

                    Believe everything happens for a reason: absolutely

                    Think you’re a health freak: definitely yes

                    LAYER 6: IN THE PAST MONTH.

                    Gone to the mall: Yes, and more than once lol

                    Been on stage: no

                    Eaten sushi: eww no

                    Been hurt: no

                    Dyed your hair: no, had a hair cut though

                    LAYER 7: HAVE YOU EVER.

                    Played a stripping game: e7m

                    Kissed the same sex: on the cheeks only :p

                    Got beaten up: yes

                    Changed who you were to fit in: I had to couple of times, but still went back to who I am

                    LAYER 8: GETTING OLD.

                    Age you’re hoping to be married by: 27-28

                    Number of kids you’re planning on having: 2 or 3

                    LAYER 9: IN A GIRL/GUY.

                    Best eye color: dark brown

                    Best hair color: dark drown

                    Short or long hair: short

                    Fat or fit: fit akeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

                    Looks or personality: BOTH

                    Fun or serious: Serious when needs to be, but funny for the most part 

                    LAYER 10: WHAT WERE YOU DOING.

                    1 MINUTE AGO: having a sandwich

                    1 HOUR AGO: in a stupid meeting

                    1 WEEK AGO: hmm.. can’t remember

                    1 YEAR AGO: I have no idea lol

                    LAYER 11: FINISH THE SENTENCE.

                    I FEEL: bored

                    I HATE: stress and unnecessary drama

                    I HIDE:  because I’m shy

                    I NEED: to relax and do something crazy

                    I LOVE: my family and friends

                    My New Favorite Caricaturist

                    Originally posted on May 16th, 2010 at 1:34 pm

                    I met Anthony Geoffroy once over coffee *naaaaah I am kidding* I saw his amazing work while I was browsing randomly through DeviantArt *giggles*

                    I was amazed by his talent, his caricatures are sooooooooooo funny and real. He also paints, and designs characters & logos.

                    here are some pieces of his work that I really liked

                    Dr. House

                    Ugly Betty

                    Bree Van De Kamp

                    Sarah Jessica Parker

                    Jack from LOST

                    Horatio Caine from CSI: Miami

                     Michael Scofield from Prison Break

                     Amy Winehouse


                     Snoop Dog

                    Don’t u just love’em

                    you can check out more here

                    Another Random Post !

                    Originally posted on April 26th, 2010 at 10:36 am

                    so so sooooooooooo random, yet sooo close to my heart <3

                    • Hamda, Riham, Samiya I miss hanging out with you guyz, I still love u as much and wish u all happiness where ever you are girls 
                    • Do you guyz remember Fawazer Sherehan <3 my sister and I where soooooooooo hooked, I still remember the sets, costumes, makeup, songs *nostalgia* what a wonderful, dreamy time 
                    • If someone is willing to grant me a wish right now, I would ask for a pinkberry machine to be installed in my room *yum* I just can’t get enough of it. I can already imagine myself jammed inside it
                    • I can’t imagine myself having edible glitter, even the thought of it makes me nauseous . I can’t even look at sweets covered with it, a7es if I ever had it I will chock
                    • People @ elevators piss the hell out of me. Why can’t you wait till I get out first before you start rushing in *puft* believe me it wont run away 
                    • I miss miss miss miss miss miss MISS playing with swings and cooking with sand like I used to when I was a kid *sniff* 

                    The funniest thing happened to me when I was sleeping today. My alarm went on and I looked at the phone thinking that someone was calling me lol I saw the word snooze and I was like: who the hell is 3azoooooz wahahahahahahaha I can’t stop laughing *rofl*

                    Very Random !

                    Originally posted on April 2nd, 2010 at 12:11 pm

                    Those are just random stuff, very random ..

                    • When I was like 13 or 14 years old, I heard the term “b76 el b6aqah fil phone” for the first time. And since then I couldn’t stop thinking how can anyone put a physical phone card in a phone, I mean IT DOESN’T FIT. Yeah I was so innocent lol

                    • I once dreamt that I was swimming in a pool full of ice cream instead of water *heaven* Can this dream ever come true?

                    • I really want to stick my tongue in a chocolate fountain *drooling*

                    • When I was in school I was so good in Arabic, I mean SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! How did I loose it, where did it go *shaking head sideways*

                    • If I can go back in time, I would choose to go back to highschool days. Best time & best friends ever <3

                    • Du, wata7ya biha al 7ayah! I never used Du, el7mdellah ba3adni 3ayshah *bleh*

                    • p.s. ebleeeeees keeps reminding me of stuff while I’m praying, thanks I guess *not interested*

                    إنا لله وإنا إاليه راجعـــــون

                    Originally posted on March 31st, 2010 at 7:27 pm


                    May your soul rest in peace Ahmed bin Zayed Al Nhayan

                    p.s. اللهم أنت تعلم أنه لو كان ضيفي لأكرمته فهو الآن ضيفك فأكرمه يا أكرم المكرمين 

                    I RESIGNED !!!!!

                    Originally posted on March 22nd, 2010 at 7:07 pm

                    Attention everyone: I finally resigned from my sucky job *confetti toss*

                    I also signed a contract for a new job today morning *dancing around in endless circles* 

                    Thanks to all my Twitter friends who congratulated me, u know more than anyone how much I hated my job *group hug* 

                    I am so looking forward for my new job, which has much less working hours by the way lol, and I am planning to do sooooooooooooooo many things in my new life route if you wish.

                    When my new timetable is finalized I want to do the following:
                    • join an equestrian club, I sooo want to ride horses it has been my dream since I was a kid. YES I have so many dreams lol
                    • read all the books that I bought but didn’t have the willpower  or time to read
                    • Invest more time/money in my beauty (spas, treatments, pampering, new products, … etc)
                    • be the old fun ME  

                    I will keep u posted, love u all *blowing kisses*

                    a letter from her ..

                    Originally posted on March 15th, 2010 at 3:18 pm

                    I *heart* Christian Louboutin

                    Originally posted on March 9th, 2010 at 9:51 am

                    I love Christian Louboutin, yes I do, I don’t just admire him and his work, I am IN LOVE with this guy <3

                    He sure knows how to dress feets and turn them into the SEXIEST things ever

                    Here are my fav Loubies, I want them, I WANT THEM ALL


                    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah *her heart skiped a beat*

                    العمر الصـــــــــــعب

                    Originally posted March 3rd, 2010 at 12:28 pm

                    في عمرنا هنالك مرحلة تسمى العمر الصعب وفي العمر الصعب تتضاعف قيمة الأشياء والأيام واللحظات عن سعرها فالعمر العادي ويصبح خسرانها نكبة ..

                    وانت سرقت ورقة التوت الأخيرة من شجرة أيامي ونحن على أبواب العمر الصعب !
                    وابقيت الشجرة عارية من أوراقها .. وثمارها .. وطيورها !
                    فكيف صدقتم أنا الأشجار تموت واقفة ؟ وأن عري الأشجار من أوراقها لا يفضحها ؟
                    كيف صدقتم أنا الحكايات لا تحتاج إلى الورقة الأخرة عند الموت ؟
                    فكل الأشياء يا سيدي عند الموت تبحث عن ورقتها الأخيرة !!

                     ولو أنك وضعت ورقة التوت الأخيره عند رأسي قبل رحيلك
                    أو أنك علقتها على باب الحكايه وأنت تمضي !
                    أو أنك ثبتها بمسمار الرحمة فوق جدران عمري !
                    لما أستيقظت بعدك علرية من كل شيء إلا حزني وذاكرتي وذهولي !!
                    أتلفت حولي .. لاشيء يحيط بي إلا العمر الصعب !
                    فلا أنا في العمر الصعب أنا .. ولا أنت أنت
                    ولا عمري هو عمري .. ولا حولي بقي كما كان هو حولي !!
                    ونحيب الأمكنة يملأ الأمكنة .. وروع النفس الآمنة ماله أول ولا آخر !

                     فخسائر العمر الصعب وهزائم العمر الصعب لاتشبه خسائر وهزائم العمر العادي ..
                    فكل سقوط في العمر الصعب ضياع .. وكل إنكسار في العمر الصعب …. نهاية !!

                     خدعتني حكايات جدتي !!
                    فظننت أن الأخضر سيبقى أخضر .. وأن الجميل لن يتشوه ..
                    وأن الطيب لن يغدر .. وأن الوفي لن يخون  .. وأن كلمة الرجل كسيفه ..
                    فنمت على وسادة حسن الظن وحلمت بك كثيرا
                    وأنجبت منك الكثير من الأحزان .. والكثير من الأحلام .. والكثير من الأوهام
                    والكثير من الأمنيات .. والكثير من المستحيلات
                    لا أنا غادرت مساحاتك .. ولا أنا مددت للنسيان يوما يدي !

                    وهاأنذا أستيقظ الآن في العمر الصعب .. وأحشاء عمري ممزقة !
                    فأسألك بالله من أكل عمري ؟
                    والذئب لا يأكل السنوات .. الذئب لا يأكل السنوات !!

                    وكيف أصدق أن الذئب قد إلتهم عمري ؟ وأنت تركتني في العمر الصعب !!
                    تركتني وأمطار عمري شحيحه تكاد تنفذ !
                    تركتني وشمس أحلامي وهنه تكاد تغرب !
                    والأرض الخصبة أمست من الأحزان بور .. الأرض الخصبة أمست من الأحزان بور !

                     فإلى أين تمضي ؟
                    إلى أين تمضي وخيال المآته الذي ألبسته ملابسك وتركته خلفك .. كان يوما أنت !
                    كيف تحولت إلى خيال مآته يمنع اقتراب طيور النسيان والفرح مني ؟
                    كيف تحولت إلى خيال مآته ؟ وماذا في هذا العمر سيحمي خيال المآته ؟؟
                    وقد أصبحت بعدك حفنة من تراب ورماد !!
                    فجراد الفراق أكل كل اخضرار بي وحولي !

                     فمن يغسلني الآن بالماء والبرد ؟
                    ويعيدني الآن إلى الغابة الخضراء !
                    من يعيدني إلى الغابة الخضراء !!
                    والأحلام الخضراء والأمنيات الخضراء والعمر الأخضر !!

                    بعض الأحزان ياسيدي نسترها كما نستر عوراتنا .. فبعض الأحزان عورة

                    F.R.I.E.N.D.S moment (4)

                    Originally posted on February 5th, 2010 at 5:44 pm

                    hahaha Chandler cracks me up XD

                    F.R.I.E.N.D.S moment (3)

                    Originally posted on January 29th, 2010 at 1:46 pm

                    haha *rofl* 

                    Happy Birthday Nouf, and a Happy New Year

                    Originally posted on January 22nd, 2010 at 1:31 pm

                    I don’t really know why it’s so hard for me to write a post on my birthday, it actually took place on the 31st of Dec, 2009. I can’t really tell if it’s about me getting older, or it’s just the fact that I have to gather all my thoughts into one place, and that’s really hard, for me at least.

                    Anyways, there came my birthday again on a Thursday, and finished when new year’s kicked in. It’s always funny to hear people telling me why I came to this world in such a hurry, and how I couldn’t wait for another day to have my birthday on a new year. What can I say, قدر الله وماشاء فعل

                    but despite that, I really like my birth date, it’s kinda special to me <3

                    My birthday was a blast, I enjoyed having all my sisters around to celebrate, I also went to Atlantis to continue my celebrations later on that night, I loved it. It was WAY better than last year’s birthday *ugh* 

                    aaaaaaaaaaaah, it’s true that I hate getting older every year, but I will still be young at heart  *winks*

                    I was so touched by the lovely gift that my sister left on my bed along with the cutest card ever I was touched even more by the surprise gift I got from my dear friend who I consider another sister of mine, Mouza <3 Thanks girls you made my day and I am so blessed to have you both in my life

                    Now let’s come to new year 2010, I am so looking forward to it, I hope it treats me better than 2007, 2008, and 2009 *sigh*

                    2009 Highlights:
                    • I got rid of a huge obstable *thank you God I can never thank you enough*
                    • Made some great friends
                    • My sister got married
                    • My other sister gave birth to the most beautiful boy in the world, baby 7amdan <3

                    2009 I hated you *for a very personal reason* I am so glad you’re over, I hope  2010 kicks your ASS