Monday, February 28, 2011

unbelievable stupidity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I normaly don't blog things as they happen, but this time I really had to do it *argh*

Well I work with this guy who is a manager of business support functions, hang on he's not that smart as his title suggests -_-

apart from being the slowest person on earth, and I mean THE SLOWEST. He's such a dumb ass *pulling my hair out*

Imagine he came to me a while ago asking about employee turnover! Imagine he doesn't even know what that term means *sobs*

Check out my convo with him:

Him: I want my target for aldawaran al wa'6efe (employee turnover) to be 2 to 3 next year
Me: *extremely puzzled* Huh? ya3ni you want 2 to 3 people to leave your organization next year?????
Him: No, al dawaran al wa'6efe ya3ni when people ydoron between depts *your kidding rite?*
Me: *trying to be as calm as I can* NO it means people leaving your org
Him: who told you? *please tell me u're not serious*
Me: uhhh I studied it, plus uhhh I know it, plus uhhh this is what it actually means *duh*
Him: could you please check *you mean check ur brain 9a7?*
Me: *unexplainable feeling*

You have a Masters for God sake *aaaaaaaargh* I wonder which ass fu**ing uni you graduated from O_o

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand to top that up, he doesn't even know how to calculate a percentage *banging my head against the wall*

Talk about motivating work environment *not interested*

Thursday, February 24, 2011

clever ad: true color

clever *thumbs up*

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

my February's wishlist

Adidas by Stella McCartney  
Tennis gathered stretch tank by Adidas by Stella McCartney £49.15  

Knotted silk satin dress by Lanvin £1,809.57

Silk crepe de Chine shirt dress by Joseph £263.61

Roberto Cavalli 
Jaguar-embellished stretch-jersey gown by Roberto Cavalli £1,112.55

Roberto Cavalli 
Embellished stretch-crepe dress by Roberto Cavalli £1,018.72

Ruched wrap swim skirt by Lanvin £348.51

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania 
Hop n skip crepe dress by Vivienne Westwood Anglomania £281.49

Notte by Marchesa 
Silk chiffon strapless gown by Nottee by Marchesa £737.24

Alexander McQueen 
Classic skull diamante embellished box clutch by Alexander McQueen £1,139.37

Donna Karan 
Draped stretch washed linen dress by Donna Karan £697.02

Bayswater metallic leather bag by Mulberry £790.85 

Shannon buckled suede boots by Belstaff £366.39

Emilio Pucci 
Cotton flannel beach towel by Emilio Pucci £330.63

Thursday, February 10, 2011

بعد الفراق

يوما ما سيأتي الفراق
ويوما ما سنتألم
ويوما ما سيتفرع الطريق
ويمضي كل منا في طريقه
فإذا ما جاء الفراق يوما
فلا تنسى أن تسألني عن
رغبتي الأخيرة
ولا تبخل عليّ بإعلان
رغبتك الأخيرة لي
فكلانا مساق إلى إعدامه
وكلانا له حق الأمنية الأخيرة
قبل الموت

إذا ما جاء الفراق يوما
فسأمد يدي إلى الهاتف
وأدير نصف الرقم
وسأتذكر في النصف الآخر
أنّا قد انتهينا
وان للفراق علينا حق احترامه
وان كل الأصوات مباحة لي بعد الفراق
إلاّ صوتك

إذا ما جاء الفراق يوما
وجاء بعد الفراق العيد
فلا تنس أن تفرح
ولا تنسى أن تضحك
ولا تنسى أن تلبس الجديد
ولا تنسى أن تزور ارض ذكرياتنا
وتقف فوق قبر الحب باطمئنان
وتقرأ عليه شيئا من شعرك
ولا تنسى نصيبي من
ذكرياتك الحزينة
في ليلة العيد

إذا ما جاء الفراق يوما
وجاءت قارئة الكف
بعد الفراق إليك تسعى
فلا تصدقها أن هي قالت
أن الحياة ضيقة كالكف
وان لنا فوق كف الحياة لقاء
كذبها يا سيدي
فليس أوسع من مساحة الألم
ولا أضيق من صدر الأمل بعد الفراق

إذا ما جاء الفراق يوما
وجمعني بك بعد الفراق طريق
وكانت تمسك ذراعيك
وكنت أتعكز ذراعيه
فلا تقل لها كنا
ولن أقول له كنا
فوحدنا نعلم يا سيدي
بأنا...وبرغم الفراق
مازلنا ..ومازلنا..ومازلنا

إذا ما جاء الفراق يوما
وأباحوا لنا بفضولهم
تشريح جثة الحب
وتشويه البقايا
فلا تفعل..ولن أفعل
بدأنا الحكاية قبل الفراق أنقياء
فلننه الحكاية بعد الفراق عظماء

بقلم: شهرزاد

Monday, February 7, 2011

pic of the day xD

hahaha this is crazy :p apparently elle sawa hal shay insan fa'6yyyyyy XD

have a look:

*straight face*

Thursday, February 3, 2011

my home shopping experience lol

Remember when those home shopping channels went live and we were soo hooked with how amazing their products were? Of course it took us a while to realize that everything these channels were actually selling was just a complete bulls**t!!

I wasn't a fan actually but I've recently been watching similar channels and saw some pretty good workout machines so I thought what the hell they can't cheat with such products. I went ahead and made a purchase, and they delivered my item so fast and they installed it and everything. I was so excited to try my new workout machine but was so disappointed minutes later!!!!!!!!!

The machine didn't do anything except give me a terrible backache!!!!! so I called the same place to come and pick it up and give me a refund. Once they heard I wanted my money back they started telling me all kinds of crap and how it's a company policy that they can't give back money and bla bla bla although I have a leaflet that clearly says: if you are not happy with this product you can return it.

Anyways after many long calls they decided to let me buy something else and give me 60% of my money. And again I wasn't surprised at all to know that even the other workout machine that I chose was useless T_T they also sent me a 300 dhs. worth of makeup as a gift, I can tell u where that is right now, thrown in garbage XD

I mean I saw the ad for that makeup set like 7 years back and apparently they still have some stock so they lure you by saying that the will give you a makeup gift for free lol. the foundation had turned gray, the mascara wand was stuck I couldnt even get it out, the eyeliner was dry, the concealer had a wired things coming out of it and the instructional cassette that came with the gift wasn't really useful. for god sake who makes cassettes now hahahaha

I decided I will never ever buy anything from a home shopping place, they're liars, and everything they sell is nothing but a large load of sh*t!

I will only shop online and in physical outlets lolz

be careful: these people have a caller ID machine, so if you call them be prepared to be annoyed by them O_O