Monday, January 31, 2011

my January's wishlist

Alexander McQueen  
Kaftan style crepe dress by Alexander McQueen £585.32

Victoria Beckham Denim  
Mid rise ankle length skinny jeans by Victoria Beckham £178.72

See by Chloé  
See by Chloe £303.83

Zip detailed mid rise skinny jeans by Burberry £169.78

Bianca floral print silk chiffon gown by Erdem £2,926.59

Victoria Beckham  
Cotton crepe bell dress by Victoria Beckham £1,572.76

Christian Louboutin  
Open lips 120 snakeskin pumps by Christian Louboutin £562.98

Cutout ruched stretch jersey dress by Carven £308.30

Kenneth Jay Lane  
22 Karat gold plated coin bracelet by Kenneth Jay Lane £52.50

Silk satin robe by Burberry £134.04

Carine Gilson  
Egerie silk satin kimono by Carine Gilson £772.98

Rick Owens  
Cutout silk crepe top by Rick Owens £370.85

Sequined silk backless gown by KAUFMANFRANCO £7,417.02 *to die for aaaaaaaah <3*

Lela Rose  
Wrap effect cotton crepe dress by Lela Rose £612.13

Adidas by Stella McCartney  
Gym mesh paneled stretch leggings by Adidas by Stella McCartney £53.61


Monday, January 10, 2011

tag: this or that

Tagged again lolz ok let's start :D


blush or bronzer: Blush
lip gloss or lipstick: Lipstick
eye liner or mascara: Both <3 Can't live without them
foundation or concealer: Foundation
neutral or color eye shadow: Neutral
pressed or loose eye shadows: Pressed
brushes or sponges: Brushes ;)


OPI or china glaze: Essie lol
Long or short: both, it really depends on my mood :p
Acrylic or natural: Natural
Brights or darks: Again it depends
Flower or no flower: hmm.. Crystals lol


perfume or body splash: Perfume *sniff sniff*
lotion or body butter: Lotion
body wash or soap: Body wash
lush or other bath company: Other bath company


jeans or sweat pants: Both
long sleeve of short: Both
dresses or skirts: Dresses
stripes or plaid: Plaid
flip flops or sandals: Sandals
scarves or hats: Caps ;)
studs or dangly earrings: Studs
necklaces or bracelets: Bracelets
heels or flats: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeels <3
cowboy boots or riding boots: Riding boots
jacket or hoodie: Jacket
forever 21 or charlotte russe: Forever 21
abercombie or Hollister: neither lol


curly or straight: Straight
bun or ponytail: Ponytail
bobby pins or butterfly clips: Bobby pins <3
hair spray or gel: neither >_<
long or short: Long
light or dark: a bit lighter than dark
side sweep bangs or full bangs: Side sweep

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

tagged: bold what you like

1) Striped socks.
2) Winter vacation.
3) Minty breath.
4) Warm hands.
5) Sublime.
6) Proving people wrong.
7) Sketching.
8) Steel drums.
9) Tampons.
10) The Sims 2.
11) Kissing.
12) Backpacks.
13) Cloudy weather.
14) Picking out presents for people.
15) Kevin Flamme.
16) Boys.
17) Old movies.
18) Reminiscing.
19) Mario Party.
20) Orange juice.
21) Interesting people.
22) Late-night texting.
23) Cool teachers.
24) Levi jeans.
25) The city bus.
26) Cardigans.
27) Sneezing.
28) Drinking cold water.
29) Finding money in my pockets.
30) Making connections.
31) Books.
32) Bolding surveys.
33) A clean bedroom.
34) Collages.
35) Meeting people.
36) Comfortable positions.
37) Headphones.
38) Marathons.
39) Packing to go somewhere.
40) Mascara.
41) Daydreaming.
42) Possibilities.
43) Ramen.
44) Notepads.
45) Burt’s Bees.
46) Babysitting.
47) Actually getting homework done.
48) Feeling good about myself.
49) Complimenting people.
50) PostSecret.
51) Confiding in people.
52) Themed things.
53) T shirts.
54) Gentlemen.
55) Singing harmonies.
56) Being surprised.
57) New clothes.
58) Target.
59) Long eyelashes.
60) Bright Eyes.
61) Naps.
62) Nicely-dressed boys.
63) Barack Obama. 
64) Tweezed eyebrows.
65) Inside jokes.
66) Eye-contact.
67) Acronyms.
68) Thinking.
69) Animals.
70) Collecting turtles.
71) Understanding.
72) Friendship bracelets.
73) Meaningful items.
74) Simon & Garfunkel.
75) Silly pictures.
76) Raspberries.
77) Not going to school.
78) Star Trek.
79) Reading blogs.
80) Showering away problems.
81) Worn-in shoes.
82) Paranormal televison shows.
83) Facebook chat.
84) Baked ziti.
85) Visiting my elementary school.
86) Soft blankets.
87) Big words.
88) Staying up late.
89) Second chances.
90) Piggy-back rides.
91) Saying words over and over until they sound really strange.
92) Surrealism.
93) The feeling of relief after going pee.
94) Home videos.
95) Unusual names.
96) Diving boards.
97) Smilies.
98) Cats.
99) Feeling better.
100) Considerate people. 


Monday, January 3, 2011

happy 2011 lovers, happy birthday me *heart*

What an amazing birthday/new year desert party ever <3

Thanks to all of you my twitter peeps for ur sweet birthday wishes *luvkom*

HamdahL: <3 You're welcome love, ntmna ench u liked it RT @Noufah Thank you Tami & @HamdahL for the amazing gift <3 I luv u girls *hug* 

CupcakeLover17:  Happy Birthday 7abibty @Noufah! Have a blast and wishing you all the best in 2011 :D

Efe_Nasiru: @Noufah Happy bday sweetie have a fantastic one and wishing you a fabulous 2011 xxx  

MYTHaifa: @Noufah and HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN OF THE DAY,,, ayamich sa3eeda w allaah ye7ageg lich a7lamich kelha inshalla.. *hugs-kisses*  

FatmaAlNasr: @Noufah Happy birthday sweetheart :*  

Sleepyah: @Noufah happy birthday il 3omer kiLaaah  

EmanAlB: @Noufah happppy bday gorgeous! May ur day & year be as special as u are! :-*  

looys: @Noufah Happy Birthday! \o/  

ShamaBinHamooda: Happy Bday to the sweetest @Noufah Evaaa ♡ may all ur wishes come true hun x

MsPwetty: HAPPY BDAY my sweetest @Noufah have a blast 7abeebty =*    

__Glamorous__: RT @Sugarshake: RT @TheAyshaa: Happy Birthday @Noufah, have a great one x  

Sugarshake: RT @TheAyshaa: Happy Birthday @Noufah, have a great one x  

TheAyshaa: Happy Birthday @Noufah, have a great one x  

ztiwokah: @Noufah happy happy birthday! :) *hugs*  

MaithaAlK: @Noufah Happy birthday dear :*  

__Ashy__: Happy birthday dear :* @Noufah  

FingerPrint10: Happy birthday @Noufah!! ♥ :D  

reem_89: @Noufah happy birthday ♥  

elmesc: @Noufah happy birthday & wish u happy new year will all good news to you ♥  

im7amad_: #FF @Noufah عيد ميلادها النهادرة ... كل سنة وأنتي طيبة ... العمر كلو يارب  

elmesc: Very special date to be remembered ♥ RT @AnaMouza: @elmesc its her bday <3 @Noufah  

AnaMouza: Happy birthday ya a7la @Noufah <3 may the new year brings u luv & happiness *\o/*  

AnaMouza: @elmesc its her bday <3 @Noufah  

elmesc: I think today's @Noufah birthday , Happy birthday sweetie ♥  

Shamooh: Happy birthday sweetie :* enjoy ! ♥ *hugs* @Noufah  

iFresca: @Noufah happy birthday , kl 3am wnti b5air :*  

meme6: @Noufah Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaay gorgeous :D may all your dreams and wishes come true :)  

Aminaaaah: @Noufah Hayati Noufyyy enjoy it to the max ♥  

PearlyLooks: @Noufah Happy Birthday :*  

Tammiex3: @Noufah happy birthday sweetheart! ♥  

ShamuCca: Happy birthday @Noufah \:D/ .. Hope you have ɑ great one~  

Fayami: @Noufah Happy Bday my gorgeous friend - inshAllah afra7 feech 3uroos xoxoxo  


Aminaaaah: Happy Birthday @Noufah have an amazing dayy ♥  

CupcakeLover17: Happy Birthday @Noufah! :D hope you have an awesome time at your party gorgeous!! :**  

Amnessa: @Noufah happy birthday noufah!  

sa3dooya: happy birthday <3 @Noufah  

Lufluff_: RT @Your_Boss: Happy birthday @Noufah have a wonderful birthday :D  

Your_Boss: Happy birthday @Noufah have a wonderful birthday :D  

HamdahL: In 30 minutes @Noufah *party*