Monday, February 28, 2011

unbelievable stupidity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I normaly don't blog things as they happen, but this time I really had to do it *argh*

Well I work with this guy who is a manager of business support functions, hang on he's not that smart as his title suggests -_-

apart from being the slowest person on earth, and I mean THE SLOWEST. He's such a dumb ass *pulling my hair out*

Imagine he came to me a while ago asking about employee turnover! Imagine he doesn't even know what that term means *sobs*

Check out my convo with him:

Him: I want my target for aldawaran al wa'6efe (employee turnover) to be 2 to 3 next year
Me: *extremely puzzled* Huh? ya3ni you want 2 to 3 people to leave your organization next year?????
Him: No, al dawaran al wa'6efe ya3ni when people ydoron between depts *your kidding rite?*
Me: *trying to be as calm as I can* NO it means people leaving your org
Him: who told you? *please tell me u're not serious*
Me: uhhh I studied it, plus uhhh I know it, plus uhhh this is what it actually means *duh*
Him: could you please check *you mean check ur brain 9a7?*
Me: *unexplainable feeling*

You have a Masters for God sake *aaaaaaaargh* I wonder which ass fu**ing uni you graduated from O_o

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand to top that up, he doesn't even know how to calculate a percentage *banging my head against the wall*

Talk about motivating work environment *not interested*

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