Monday, January 3, 2011

happy 2011 lovers, happy birthday me *heart*

What an amazing birthday/new year desert party ever <3

Thanks to all of you my twitter peeps for ur sweet birthday wishes *luvkom*

HamdahL: <3 You're welcome love, ntmna ench u liked it RT @Noufah Thank you Tami & @HamdahL for the amazing gift <3 I luv u girls *hug* 

CupcakeLover17:  Happy Birthday 7abibty @Noufah! Have a blast and wishing you all the best in 2011 :D

Efe_Nasiru: @Noufah Happy bday sweetie have a fantastic one and wishing you a fabulous 2011 xxx  

MYTHaifa: @Noufah and HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN OF THE DAY,,, ayamich sa3eeda w allaah ye7ageg lich a7lamich kelha inshalla.. *hugs-kisses*  

FatmaAlNasr: @Noufah Happy birthday sweetheart :*  

Sleepyah: @Noufah happy birthday il 3omer kiLaaah  

EmanAlB: @Noufah happppy bday gorgeous! May ur day & year be as special as u are! :-*  

looys: @Noufah Happy Birthday! \o/  

ShamaBinHamooda: Happy Bday to the sweetest @Noufah Evaaa ♡ may all ur wishes come true hun x

MsPwetty: HAPPY BDAY my sweetest @Noufah have a blast 7abeebty =*    

__Glamorous__: RT @Sugarshake: RT @TheAyshaa: Happy Birthday @Noufah, have a great one x  

Sugarshake: RT @TheAyshaa: Happy Birthday @Noufah, have a great one x  

TheAyshaa: Happy Birthday @Noufah, have a great one x  

ztiwokah: @Noufah happy happy birthday! :) *hugs*  

MaithaAlK: @Noufah Happy birthday dear :*  

__Ashy__: Happy birthday dear :* @Noufah  

FingerPrint10: Happy birthday @Noufah!! ♥ :D  

reem_89: @Noufah happy birthday ♥  

elmesc: @Noufah happy birthday & wish u happy new year will all good news to you ♥  

im7amad_: #FF @Noufah عيد ميلادها النهادرة ... كل سنة وأنتي طيبة ... العمر كلو يارب  

elmesc: Very special date to be remembered ♥ RT @AnaMouza: @elmesc its her bday <3 @Noufah  

AnaMouza: Happy birthday ya a7la @Noufah <3 may the new year brings u luv & happiness *\o/*  

AnaMouza: @elmesc its her bday <3 @Noufah  

elmesc: I think today's @Noufah birthday , Happy birthday sweetie ♥  

Shamooh: Happy birthday sweetie :* enjoy ! ♥ *hugs* @Noufah  

iFresca: @Noufah happy birthday , kl 3am wnti b5air :*  

meme6: @Noufah Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaay gorgeous :D may all your dreams and wishes come true :)  

Aminaaaah: @Noufah Hayati Noufyyy enjoy it to the max ♥  

PearlyLooks: @Noufah Happy Birthday :*  

Tammiex3: @Noufah happy birthday sweetheart! ♥  

ShamuCca: Happy birthday @Noufah \:D/ .. Hope you have ɑ great one~  

Fayami: @Noufah Happy Bday my gorgeous friend - inshAllah afra7 feech 3uroos xoxoxo  


Aminaaaah: Happy Birthday @Noufah have an amazing dayy ♥  

CupcakeLover17: Happy Birthday @Noufah! :D hope you have an awesome time at your party gorgeous!! :**  

Amnessa: @Noufah happy birthday noufah!  

sa3dooya: happy birthday <3 @Noufah  

Lufluff_: RT @Your_Boss: Happy birthday @Noufah have a wonderful birthday :D  

Your_Boss: Happy birthday @Noufah have a wonderful birthday :D  

HamdahL: In 30 minutes @Noufah *party*  


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