Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Landom xD

and it's time for another random landom post :p

  • I miss wearing Antonio slippers <3 I used to have tons of them when I was a kid <3<3  

  • When I was small, I though that every time you press on an ATM machine, you get money XD *damn wish that was true*
  •  Fact: I can't say "Judge Judy", I simply can't LOL. if I try, I end up saying "judge Jooji" or "duge Jody" etc
  • I really really really want to visit a chocolate factory, or even better, work at one *drooling*
  •  I hate it youm elle yshta'3lon fil ma7alat ytla9egooooon feyah. I feel like shouting: NA3AAAAAM SHO TBOON LEAVE ME ALONE 
  • 3bdulfata7 Graini laish maysa7e sha3rah xD
  •  I go to bed early, my fav dream starts at 9 *lmao*
  • What goes around usually gets dizzy and falls over *wink*

Bye :p

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