Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gmaash @ Oriental Red Carpet Fashion Show 2010

I was so happy to attend the Oriental Red Carpet Fashion Show 2010 that took place in Dubai Ladies Club last Thursday to watch the amazing designs that my friend Moza (the mind behind Gmaash, an upcoming new fashion brand that resembles both classy and traditional aspects of design)

The show was very successful and Moza sure surprised ever1 with her designs <3

here are some of the pics that I was able to capture, mind the quality as it was taken using my iphone + those models were moving fast :p

I loved every piece <3

Wishing u all the best Mawazee and may this be the start of a fab line *hugs*


  1. First off, I love the oriental lantern on the table!!
    And the collection is very vibrant, I adore the colors :D, All the best to your friend and designer Moza. :)

  2. Long Blue Dress is my favourite (ahh!)