Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Quotes *heart*

Originally posted on July 14th, 2009 at 4:27 pm

I’ve read (Accidentally Engaged by Mary Carter) long time back, it’s a good story, not woow but OK lol. Whenever I read a book, I highlight anything that I like *giggles*

So here are some sentences and quotes from the novel that I really liked <3

“I was in love with love”

“Elizabith punctuated the doorway like an exclamation mark”

“Opportunity Knocks. (It also shoots, stabs, strangles, and hangs.”

“Maybe I should give Jack another kiss. Chance. I meant chance”

“… grass-chewing, star-gazing, goat-chasing, lying bastard”

“They all giggled as Kim rolled in on her tounge and crushed it to bits with her my-dad-was-an-orthodontist teeth.”

“Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do but drown your sorrows in syrup.”

“Thoughts were crossing over Jack’s face like the scrolls on the bottom of CNN.”

“… a mountain of guilt”

“Everything is much scarier in the dark, except sex with a stranger”

“Go me!”

“988,968 words in the English language and, sometimes, this is the only word that will do.”

“… and I didnt want to be responsible for favving the flame.”

“Wrong move, checkmate.”

“Even though we weren’t dating, had never dated, never would date – Brian was still a guy . He’d follow out of guilt.”

“live and let live. Judge not, least you should be judged.”

“… feelings of shame and dread dancing in my veins.”

“Wet cement poured down my throat and hardened in my lungs.”

“… The cement broke into little pieces and spread to all my vital organs.”

“Strike while the iron is hot”

“As far as I’m concerned you were a coward then, and you’re a coward now.”

“It’s my party. I’ll lie if I want to.”

“… so stick a stamp on that”

“… always worrying about tomorrow instead of living in the now,”

“… trying to see me through her eyes.”

“I wish we had life remote controls. There were so many things I’d delete, fast forward, but sometime … I’d like to play over and over again.”

“Get off your ass and do something. But first, you’d better be sitting down.”

“… but my jaw was locked shut.”

“Funny how similar love was to the stock market. No matter how wisely you invested, you just couldn’t predict whether your portfolio was going to grow steady and pay off, or crash and burn.”

“No wonder we were so messed up when it came to matters of the heart.”

“My reputation as a freak was signed, sealed, and delivered.”

“Elizabith wasn’t running at full mental capacity.”

“FexEx would have done the job just fine.”

“… lights illuminated what the darkness failed to hide …”

“… was embedded in my DNA.”

“I was ready to bury my face in his neck and happily suffocate.”

“But Mike was an A++ kisser.”

“Do I sound like I’m kidding? Do I look like I’m kidding?”

“A red X rose into my mind, blocking my thoughts.”

“… she was wrestling between two impossible choices: out me as a lier, or watch me squirm.”

“What is the stock market anyway but legalized gambling?”

“Anexiety poured out of me like lava spewing from a volcano.”

“He pulled back and nailed me with a smug, sexier-than-hell grin.”

“I turned twelve shades of red as …”

“… and then, I put the rest of the world on pause”

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  Then again, so was yesterday.”

The end.

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