Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My sister’s wedding *heart*

Originally posted on October 10th, 2009 at 1:35 pm

On the 4th of Oct was my sister’s wedding, It was such a wonderful night that I will never forget <3
Here are some snaps from days before, during, and after the wedding party

Caution: This post is snaplicious *winks*

My mum abused my room lol she used it as a sweets storage room *drool*

Our house was like a garden, flowers were all over the place

Now here are snaps from the wedding day, early hours

The wedding ballroom we chose the whole theme (black, silver, and red)

On the bride’s bed *wink*

The bride gave me the top layer of her cake *yummmmmmmy* I have this weired addiction towards wedding cakes <3

and now the bride’s stuff

  The tiara *dreamy*

Maskat el 3erooos she had this custom-made especially for her, and decided to carry it instead of carrying flowers <3

My sister’s wedding dress it’s the most elegant dress I’ve ever seen *hug*


 Her veil <3

Now that the wedding is over, my sister went for her honeymoon, and I cried my eyes out coz I’m going to miss her being around like hell *sniff*

Special Thanks to:

Yosor <3
Zubaida & Zahra <3
9af 9af
Alaa <3
Tahani & Amani

and all of those who wished to attend the wedding but couldn’t make it <3

I love you all, I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends <3

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