Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kil 3am wento lel rab agrab *heart*

Originally posted on August 23rd, 2009 at 10:24 am

I want to wish all Muslims a peaceful and blessed Ramadan full of activities that will inshallah bring us closer to each other and most importantly closer to God <3

I love Ramadan and it’s atmosphere, families getting together, reading Quraan alot, worshiping God in every way possible. It’s such a feeling that I can’t explain I hope u all feel the same too *hug*

My daily schedule during Ramadan is very simple. I go to work at 9:00 am and come back at 2:30 pm, then read Quraan, o akeed asabe7 o asta’3fer, o a9ali 3ala el rasool Muhammad (PBUH) at least 1000 times each, then watch tv with my sister, get ready for iftaaaaaaar, pray al tarawee7, spend time with family, go to sleep, and finally wake up for su7oor

This Ramadan I decided to watch the following shows on TV:
  • Om Al Banat on Ku8 TV @ 5:30 pm
  • Sha3biyat Al Kartoon
  • 9alat el tarawee7 from Makah everyday <3 
  • Bab Al 7arah 4
  • 7anah o Ranah XD *B6ayan Darmandar cracks me* hehe

do u suggest any show that is worth seeing?

الله يتفبل صيامكم وقيامكم وطاعاتكم

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