Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I miss being a kid *sniff*

Originally posted on March 29th, 2009 at 12:13 pm

Hello everyone, I know I haven’t updated my blog since forever lol but here I am again :) I hope u’re all good and sound *hugs*

I was having a conversation with my sister who’s one year younger than me, and she was telling me that she misses old cartoons, n we started discussing how new age cartoons are seriously meaningless, very violent, and of course have lots of hidden msgs that corrupt our childrens minds. Right? *pukes*

When I was a kid back in the 80′s, I used to LOVE watching cartoons with my sister, ofcourse there were only few channels back then, and cartoons lasted for less than an hour lol, unlike cartoon channels nowadays that flood our TVs with countless hours of junk, well at least 99% of them.

Don’t u miss old cartoons *heart* 

My all the time favorite list was, and still is: 

  • سالي
  • حكايات عالميه
  • البطل الخماسي
  • عدنان و لينا
  • هايدي
  • عقلة الأصبع
  • كوالا
  • أسألو لبيبه
  • جزيرة الكنز
  • السيده ملعقه
  • توم و جيري
  • الصياد الصغير
  • بيرين
  • السنافر
  • ميمي الصغيره
  • ساسوكس
  • سانشيرو
  • الليث الأبيض
  • سندباد
  • بوليانا
  • كاليميرو
  • ليدي ليدي (we actually cried our eyes out, in order to convince my mum into enrolling us at a horse riding place, because of this cartoon)
  • رسوم ما أذكر أسمه بس فيه بنات عندهم قوى خارقه في خواتمهم: ماء, هواء, نار, و ماذكر شو
  • سنبل
  • الدببه الطيبون
  • الرسوم اللي فيه Ponies
  • رغيف
  • كعبووووووووووووووووووووووووووول
  • شارلوك هولمز
  • الرسوم اللي فيه دببه و مرسومه أسياء على بطونهم ماذكر أسمه
  • الرسوم اللي فيه مخلوقات كتكوته تيمع الأحجار الملونه و فيه واحد شرير يبغي كل شي يكون لونه أسود ماذكر أسمه
  • حكيم الأقزام
  • بومبو
  • سوار العسل بشار
  • نحول و زينه
  • فيردي النمله
  • لولو الصغيره
  • جازورا
  • نيلز اللي يستوي قزم
  • الشناكل
  • المفكر وحيد (I used to imitate that cute girl with the laptop lol)
  • حكايات العمالقه
  • بسييييييييييييييط (I can barely remember this cartoon I used to watch it when I was like 2  or 3 years old *aww*)
  • الكابتن ماجد
  • كابامارو اللي ياكل الشومن
  • سنان
 and when I was a kid I used to watch those cute educational programs like:
  • المناهل
  • كان و أخواتها
  • هذي هي الحياه
  •  لبيبه
OMG, having to write down this list made me go into tears, I really really really miss being a kid, I miss those old cartoons that were meaningful and fun.*hugs*

I also remember that when we were little kids, we used to choose our favourite character and posses it, meaning that if I chose to be Sally for example then my sister can’t be Sally because I called it first hahaha, we used to go like: أنا هاي مايخصني, أنا قلت أول

p.s. to the new generation, you will always envy us *nana na na*, and you will NEVER know what a real cartoon is :p

enjoy those amazing snaps:

and this is بسيط that I was talking about

I hope u enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it

Have a great day *heart*

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