Tuesday, August 31, 2010

to my *soulmate*

Originally posted on February 3rd, 2009 at 9:48 pm

mood: unexplainable
remembering: the day we went to that maseera together
wanting: to hug you so tight and just cry
wishing: none of this is crap i’m going through is actually happening to me right now
listening: to 3bdul kareem 3bdul qader

Some people do not need a ticket to enter our life, some people are worth being proud of knowing them, and some people will just leave those wonderful footprints in our hearts ..

before i met u, i in fact, never believed that soulmates exsist !! but having a car accidant the day we met, have just lit that spark.

just the fact that *you* exsist in my life, means the world to me.

to the bastard i consider my true and only soulmate, thank you !

thank you for being you, thank you for not letting go, thank you for being around whenever i need you, thank you for the good times, thank you for the support, thank you for drawing a smile on my face, thank you for everything.

and to you i will always sing:
إنت طيب؟ هذا هو اللي يهم
إنت طيب؟ و غير هذا ما يهم

fuck you, coz i will love you till the rest of my life ..

p.s. you still owe my a visit to Ferrari *wink*

and p.s. it took me hours to write this post, because i was crying in between

and a final p.s. i love you, i will *always* love you, thank you for giving me this honor .. 

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